Friday, October 4, 2013

A new direction.... saying goodbye to this little blog for now....

Yep, that's right. I'm heading out into the great beyond and won't be blogging here any more.

If you want to catch up with me, head on over to The Spotted Hook. That's my new little place on the internet, my new little baby :)

I'm excited to be heading in a new direction and it's full steam ahead.

Edited to add: I stuffed up the link above - that's what you get when you type something up quick! lol Thank you to some lovely peeps for pointing it out for me, all fixed now! :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

I Made It Monday: Cup Cozy

Being a bit of a cheap-skate, I don't really want to go out and buy some fancy insulated glasses to have my coffee in. I have some perfectly sized and relatively nice glasses already in the cupboard - they just get a little hot when there's coffee in them ;)
So I dug through some yarn leftovers and have decided to make some cup cozies in different colours to go on my lovely little glasses and to protect my fingers.

 photo CupCpzy_zpsf011f88b.jpg

Voila! The first completed cozy. Made from some leftover blue cotton yarn. Gonna have some fun making a whole lot more so my friends can have their own when they come over for coffee. And we can relax outside around this....

 photo Outdoor_zps7eece98a.jpg

One new (ok, well it's second hand lol) outdoor setting - finally! MrD and a friend drove an hour away to pick it up on Sunday afternoon. I sat out there today in the lovely midday winter sun and had my lunch and a cuppa.  I can foresee many meals and stories shared around this table :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Starting a herb garden

One thing I wanted at the new house was a herb garden. I have a couple of metres at the side of the house of garden bed that is just off the kitchen and that is where I'm going to go to work. Well, that's if everything survives. I'm not exactly known for my green thumb!

So MrD and I headed out to Bunnings and picked up a couple of plants to start with. The kids gave me a hand to plant them.

 photo Garden_zpsf29cbe81.jpg

I just need to get a partition of some sort to go between the mint and the basil so that the mint doesn't go completely berserk (although I don't really care if it does - mint should keep the cat/s out of the garden!).

 photo Mint_zps9be23469.jpg 

Sweet Basil:
 photo basil_zps2adf6832.jpg

 photo parsley_zpsedf389bf.jpg

 photo chives_zps883619bd.jpg

And the 'boss' was hanging around keeping an eye on things :)
 photo KitMay01_zps3b4d39e8.jpg

Monday, May 20, 2013

I Made It Monday: Purple Doily

I have a whole stack of old crochet pattern books from the 1960's through to the 1980's and I've also wanted to learn how to crochet little doilies/heat pads.

This is one such pattern. Of course I altered the pattern a little, but it basically remains the same as in the book. Can't wait to have a go at another one.

 photo PurpleDoily01_zps10ccf819.jpg

Monday, May 13, 2013

I Made It Monday: Kid's size Double Crochet Cowl

This week I made a special cowl/scarf for a special little dude.
I went shopping last week with a friend and her little boy. We stopped at the yarn aisle in BigW to have a little squiz and he pulls this lovely soft acrylic yarn off the shelf and asked me if I could make him a scarf with it. Of course I said yes! lol

He has good taste in colours :)

 photo CowlScarf_zpsc067a6fb.jpg 

It's just a simple scarf, DK weight yarn using a 9mm hook and all double crochet (treble crochet in UK/Aussie terminology). Sew the edges together and you have the perfect kid's sized cowl. For an adult size, I'd make it wider and use 2 balls of yarn.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Obligatory birthday post and Mother's Day...

It was my birthday on Friday! No post because I was busy flitting around the place being taken out for coffee and a shopping trip (ok, so getting lost with a friend trying to find our way to, from, and around Westfield Carindale lol). And then out to the city to have drinks with MrD and his work colleagues for his last day at work (*sob* after 15 years his position was made redundant, well, him and several hundred others!)

But, MrD took me shopping on Saturday and we came home with this little appliance...

 photo 253325_10151495450224737_316358554_n_zps294c522a.jpg

Nespresso coffee machine! I've only been drinking coffee for a little while, but I've decided I do like nice quality coffee over instant and was interested in the apparent ease of use of the pod machines that are popular now. But I was getting all confused trying to work out which one would be the best for us. Being lactose intolerant, I can't use the milk pods, so a machine that required their use would be no good for us. Thankfully we found a lovely sales assistant who talked us through all the different brands in the store and we settled on Nespresso. With the current store discount and their $60 cash back offer, it wasn't too much more expensive than the other machines I'd been looking at.
I've made one cup of coffee so far and some babycinos for the kids and a hot chocolate tonight. The milk frother is very cool and fun to use! Pour in milk, lid on, press button. Once for hot, hold in for cold. Seriously cool. This machine is a definite keeper.

Fast forward to Mother's Day today and my munchkins surprised me with some lovely little gifts they chose themselves at the stall at school. They'd saved up some pocket money, so I didn't even have to give them money out of my purse this year!

 photo 183766_10151495447499737_774836242_n_zps27b9dace.jpg

Mr Rabbit got me the lovely mug with some hot choccie and marshmallows along with some choc fudge they made in class. Miss Scooter got me a lovely necklace (that she actually gave me for my birthday) and some bath lotions and scrubs. I've decided perhaps I should start now and organise some things to donate to the Mother's Day stall for next year and spread the love around lol

My little dude also gave me this sweet little card:

 photo 923172_10151495448104737_2112769948_n_zps15120b31.jpg

It says...
Dear Mum
Thank you for my school uniform and for my clothes and all the yummy food you buy for us. All of my toys and my video games that we have now and all of my birthday presents for me. From S.

Quite detailed actually lol